Park Line has sweeping programs for all types of business Properties:

  • Broom sweeping: heavy sand removal and road sweeping
  • Vacuum sweeping: nightly cleaning of papers and debris.
  • Perimeter cleaning: hand picking and trash bag changing
  • Remove and dispose of illegal dumping
  • Roll-off service (10, 20, 30 yard dumpsters)

Why it’s important to retain a sweeping contractor:

  • Parking areas portray an initial good ‘first impression to potential customers. If exterior maintenance is slipshod, potential customers will expect the internal cleanliness of the business to also be poorly run.
  • Parking areas cluttered with debris negate even the most beautiful landscaping.
  • Lots with objects, that might flatten a tire, deter customers.
  • Regular sweeping helps manage storm water runoff minimizing pollutants entering your storm drains.
  • Sand, dirt and other trash when left will shorten the life of your pavement, sealcoating and line striping.
  • Leaving a lot unswept for a prolonged period, may attract disease carrying rodents.
  • A clean lot reduces the chances of slip-and-fall injuries, that may result in lawsuits.