Permanent markers are an essential part of roadway delineation and can also improve traffic flow and safety in parking lots and private communities. Park Line can provide a full line of plowable road markers, and also handle installation and maintenance. Several variations of these markers are available, forming a complete system for marking lane lines, center and edge lines, turn pockets, curb dividers, stop bars and fire hydrants.

Park Line is recognized as a Prime Contractor by many government agencies including:

  • New York State DOT
  • New Jersey DOT
  • New York City DOT
  • Nassau/Suffolk County DPW

Park Line uses Stimsonite® reflective pavement markers. We can provide a full line of reflective markers with strengths to 1,000 feet or more. These high performance markers provide superior guidance at night through the glare of on-coming headlights as well as in the rain, snow and fog. Prismatic reflective faces are molded of tough acrylic plastic for longer life. These durable markers are designed to hold up even with frequent plowing.