As a result of freezing and thawing, along with normal wear and tear, asphalt surfaces may need to be reclaimed or replaced. Park Line has the experience and capability to mill out and replace damaged asphalt surfaces.

Full Depth Reclamation

Reclamation (grinding in place) is a cost effective means of completely replacing your lot. If you are experiencing large amounts of depressions, pot holes or alligator cracks, a full-depth reclamation may be an ideal fit for you. Using this process, Park Line’s paving experts use specialized machinery to mechanically pulverize the asphalt and mix it with the existing base material to produce an even stronger new base. The newly-stabilized base is then graded ,compacted and ready for the new asphalt surface course resulting in a totally revitalized parking lot.

  • Cracking due to reflection, age, slippage, discontinuity, fatigue, as well as edge cracking, block cracking and longitudinal cracking
  • Swells and depressions
  • Ripples due to rutting, corrugations, and shoving
  • Separation of pavement layers
  • Disintegration caused by potholes, bleeding, and raveling
  • Excessive, low, or defective shoulder drop off
  • Insufficient structural capacity