Vandalism is a problem in both urban and suburban areas. Perhaps the most visible sign is the constant appearance of graffiti on building walls. Fortunately, Park Line’s pressure washing service is an excellent solution for your graffiti removal needs. Timing is a key issue when dealing with graffiti removal. Some materials have the ability to penetrate the pores of masonry surfaces and make future graffiti removal more difficult and less efficient.

Not dealing with graffiti is the best way to attract more. Quick removal of a vandal’s ‘hard work’ will make them think twice before returning to your property.

Graffiti removal projects require a lot of care and attention. Park Line performs this service by carefully reviewing the subject surface area to determine what exactly the correct method of cleaning should be. We can remove paint, oil, grease, poster glue, and crayon from concrete, brick, tile, marble, and terrazzo. Park Line removes graffiti using environmentally friendly, soft abrasive media in a biodegradable polymer water solution. Using environmentally safe products we are able to remove most unwanted graffiti from your property.