Park Line provides efficient, safe and powerful cleaning equipment that can remove debris from parking lot drains, catch basins and other areas. Don't risk property damage or flooding. We help to put an end to clogged drains, leaking sewer lines and faulty drainage systems.

Regular Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

Every day fluids and debris contaminate drains and drainage pipes. Drain clogs can quickly cause severe backups; even flooding that could lead to property damage. Regular drain maintenance, cleaning and clearing should be an important part of your maintenance program.

Catch Basin Replacement / Repair

Problems with parking lot catch basins, storm- water drains or water basins require immediate attention. Park Line specializes in the repairing or replacement of your drainage system.

Emergency Drain Cleaning

During severe weather conditions drains can easily clog or back up due to excess water or debris resulting in traffic impairments and other hazards. Park Line provides expertly trained technicians 24 hours a day in all weather conditions. We provide rapid response to your emergency, getting the job done efficiently and correctly the first time.